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Designers of unique and enriching educational products.

Maddison Works produces affordable and effective learning materials.

Our unique format presents each activity in English with Spanish on the opposite page, across from each other like a mirror effect. The activities use materials that are recyclable or readily found around your home. The objectives are at the bottom of each page. The Title I program has found them to be very effective. Our activity books prepare your children to achieve in school. Parents and students will learn English and Spanish at the same time. Available in Vietnamese also.

Be sure to check out our latest editions full of fresh new activities. These activity guides are perfect for learners from early elementary to middle school ages. The engaging activities are an ideal way to involve parents in the learning process.

Our activity books are full of activities that are fun and educational. The activities are designed to bridge the gap that may sometimes exist between the classroom and home. Parents and children will enjoy hours of entertaining activities that use readily available recyclable materials you find around the house.

Best of all, our activity books are only $9.95.  Order Now...

To order your books, either go to our Order page and complete the online form, or call us at 713.935.0005.